In-Office Permanent Birth Control (Essure)


Are you looking for birth control that does not involve hormones or surgery? Do you want to stop worrying about unplanned pregnancy for good? Edward S. Wagner, MD offers Essure,® a permanent form of birth control to patients in Hollywood, Florida, and surrounding areas throughout Broward County. Trusted by thousands of women, Essure is 99.74% effective and is the only birth control method that has resulted in zero pregnancies in clinical trials.

Essure is an FDA approved procedure for female sterilization. Unlike traditional surgical sterilization procedures or other forms of contraception, Essure involves no incisions, general anesthesia, or hormones. During the in-office procedure, Dr. Wagner, an Essure-trained doctor, gently places tiny coils in the fallopian tubes. The micro-coils and your body form a tissue barrier that prevents sperm from reaching an egg.

About Essure

Essure is permanent and non-reversible. Essure is an ideal birth control solution for women who are sure that they never want to have children. Because Essure does not contain hormones, your periods should remain similar to how they were before the procedure.

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